Missiippi State Bulldogs wear cheap authentic nfl Patriots jerseys for game in Foxboro

This weekend, Mississippi State’s football team will be travelling to New England to take on UMass. The game will be played at Gillette Stadium, which is normally the home of the ’s New England Patriots. The Patriots don’t exactly have the best-looking cheap in the , but they’re serviceable enough, and they’ve also been the cheap authentic jerseys that the team has worn during its run of success in the so they probably won’t be changing them anytime soon.


I bring up the topic of the Patriots’ cheap authentic jerseys because Mississippi State and Adidas have decided that they like the Patriots’ cheap authentic jerseys so much that they’re basically going to wear maroon, white, and silver versions of them for State’s trip to Foxboro.

I understand wanting to pay tribute to the hosts, but this is taking it to a whole new level. This is basically the Patriots’ cheap authentic jersey template except colored in maroon and white. They even have silver helmets with a maroon facemask, which echoes the Patriots’ look of silver helmets with a red facemask! Even the number font is exactly the same! It’s a near carbon copy of New England’s cheap authentic jerseys.

Clearly, the Bulldogs must be hoping that wearing cheap authentic jerseys that make them look just like the Patriots will give them success like the Patriots have had while wearing those cheap authentic jerseys. Otherwise, it’s very weird to see them basically dressing up like New England. So, who do you think does the look best? The red-white-and-blue originators, or the maroon-and-white carbon copies?

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