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The Denver Broncos continued their slide on Sunday night, losing a game that was never competitive against the Patriots, 41-16. It ignited a very agitated Derek Wolfe, who spoke with reporters after the game.

“It’s like we’re a whole new fuckin’ team. It’s embarrassing,” he said.

“We start down 14 points. I’m not going to point fingers man, but they definitely have to play better for us,” he said about the Broncos’ special teams. “We have to play better on all phases.”

Wolfe mentioned that the team had 12 players on the field at once, and another time only had 10. “It’s just sad,” he said. “It’s real sad. It’s sad that we went from being a championship caliber team to a team that stinks and nobody respects us.”

Wolfe was visibly fed up. He said he was demoralized, because the team has been doing everything it could between preparation and in the weight room. When asked about schematics, Wolfe said, “I’m not the coach, I just do what I’m told, man.”

Players expressing their unhappiness in a losing locker room isn’t anything new, but the level of frustration Wolfe showed was brutal. It’s understandable, though, the way the Broncos have gone into a slide.

After starting the season 3-1, they’ve lost five consecutive games, including a home loss to the now 1-8 Giants, and a shutout loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. The past two weeks, the opposition has scored 51 and 41 points — that’s frightening for a team that’s known for their defensive prowess.

We’ll see if Wolfe’s words spark the Broncos out of their five-game losing skid. So far, nothing else has.

Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe shared an unforgettable moment with his brother-in-law before the game against the New England Patriots at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Sunday.
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Wolfe ran out of the tunnel with his brother-in-law, Brian Burrows, who serves in the Navy.

Wolfe will also sported a helmet sticker that honors the Navy.

According to the Broncos website, he chose that military branch with Navy SEALS in mind.

“I think they’re a bunch of badasses,” Wolfe was quoted as saying.

“I think it’s important for us to recognize them,” Wolfe said. “We wouldn’t have these freedoms we have if it wasn’t for them.”

Wolfe said the national anthem is always an emotional part of each game.

“I’m proud to be an American, proud to sing or stand and put my hand over my heart for the national anthem,” the Broncos website quoted him as saying.

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